Current situation

Hi everyone,

So we know that the BCTF has announced a full walkout beginning on Tuesday (with school not in session on Monday as well, in order to go over the current bargaining situation). However, the BCTF and BCPSEA will be bargaining all weekend in order to try their best to resolve the situation before the week begins and *hopefully* restore the current situation.

We, as teachers, and me specifically, are hoping that today is NOT the last day of school. Therefore, I am not having my students pack up their things. In the event that school does not return to session before the years’ end (worst case scenario), we will be taking home meaningful items today and the rest of the classroom will remain as is until further notice.

I thank you for your continued support and I REALLY HOPE that today is not good bye for Division 5!


Miss Bahji


This Week in Division 5

As of right now, we are not sure where the next few weeks will take us with respect to the BCTF job action and the government lockout. With that said, we have re-arranged some things for this week due to the teacher’s rotating strike on Thursday, June 12.

Ache Brazil presentation: moved to Wednesday, June 11th @ 1:00pm

Cinemazoo presentation for Bahji, Soper, and Westby moved to Friday, June 13th

Thank you for understanding!