Upcoming dates and deadlines (this month in division 5)

April 3-Assembly (Ache Brazil) @ 8:45am

April 4: half day for reporting conferences

April 4: Language arts final projects (questions, handouts, etc) due for grade 4′s

April 5th (Saturday): Hansel and Gretel performance

April 8: Mobile Dairy Experience @ 8:40am

April 8: due date for Whonnock Idol forms

April 10: hot dog/booster juice day

April 11: Math quiz: multiplication and division

April 14/28: Lunch Lady Day

April 15: Spring Break Stories Due

April 16: school and class pictures

April 17: Little Caesar’s Day

April 18/21: no school for Easter long weekend

April 22: Month End Assembly

April 24: Subway Day

April 25: Math quiz on division

April 28 and 29: In-class public speaking

April 30: Social studies posters due


Reporting Conferences

Don’t forget that reporting conferences start this Friday and continue (for our class) on Tuesday and Wednesday after school. If you haven’t already signed up please make sure you check the link from the main Whonnock Elementary website and if you need an alternate date/time please feel free to email me at yas_bahji@sd42.ca and we can arrange something that works better for you and your family.

A reminder that the reporting conferences need to be attended by at least one parent/guardian and the student as they are student-led conferences. Each conference is 30 minutes, of which 10 minutes will be spent outside looking over the portfolio with your child, then coming in to discuss progress, celebrate achievements, and set goals for the final term.

See you all soon!

Self-Evaluation Blog Post

Step 1–Go to your kidblog site: http://kidblog.org/WhonnockDivision5/
Step 2–login with your name
Step 3–create a new post titled with today’s date (March 10)
Step 4–write the following
3 sentences each about: how you have improved in term 2, what you want to still improve on, what your biggest obstacles/problems are
Give yourself grades (grade threes don’t get grades, but let’s pretend) in Language arts, math, science, social studies, PE, art, health and career
A= excellent, B=very good, C+=good, C=average/ok, C-=needs some work, I=incomplete